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Mayor Bowser's DC Cultural Plan lays out a vision with 28 policy and 8 investment recommendations on how the government and its partners can build upon, strengthen, and invest in the creators, spaces, and consumers that support and create culture within the city. The Plan’s recommendations are designed to promote shared stewardship of culture, organizational innovation, and leveraged funding to sustain the city’s cultural core and create new opportunities for historically under-represented creators and communities.

The Plan was led by Office of the Planning in partnership with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment. The Plan also incorporates insight and feedback from more than 1,500 residents and cultural stakeholders.

Cultural Plan Highlights:

The DC Cultural Plan promotes an equitable, world-class cultural environment in the District that advances cultural diversity by increasing access to cultural creation and experience for all residents.  

  • The District’s Cultural Economy supports $30 billion in annual spending, generates $1.1 billion in tax revenue, and employs 150,000 workers.
  • The District embraces its rich and unique cultural history by affirming the importance its heritage and resident’s culture.
  • The Cultural Plan supports cultural creators through increased access to aligned educational and technical assistance resources, increased access to affordable housing, and increased access to affordable production space.
  • The Cultural Plan contributes to developing new cultural spaces and venues by providing cultural creators with fair loan options to help them start a new business that will be useful to the District’s cultural environment.
  • The Cultural Plan stands for the overall well-being and supports needy people and families by promoting financial literacy in partnership with local lending companies.
  • The Cultural Plan supports residents with below-average income. It develops a special system of discounts, gift cards, and preferential loans for talented youth who can’t afford art supplies but want to be a part of our unique cultural history.
  • The Cultural Plan will help expand and preserve cultural spaces as platforms for expression by making them more accessible.
  • The Cultural Plan will advance cultural diversity by increasing access to, and awareness of cultural opportunities among cultural consumers who include all District residents as well as the city’s visitors.
  • The Plan’s recommendations for creators, spaces, and consumers converge and align to increase equity, diversity, and innovation in the District.

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Full Cultural Plan Executive Summary
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